Sweet Pecan Summer (2021)

Lauren Tom,Christine Ko,Wes Brown
As a product developer for Atlanta-based Winsome Cosmetics, Amanda Lin is frustrated in her cutting-edge ideas being passed over for safer, more conservative ideas. After the latest such pass over, Amanda believes it's a good time to take a vacation, and accepts her widowed Aunt Carol's offer to come for a visit to help on her pecan farm in Pecan Hill, Georgia, where Amanda grew up. While she used the guise of a sprained wrist and the need of some temporary assistance to bring Amanda back at this time, Carol really had bigger news she wanted to share, that she is planning on selling the farm to be closer to her boyfriend living on the coast, news that is understandable but nonetheless bittersweet for Amanda in Aunt Carol and the farm being her last touchstone to her hometown in her own parents long having moved away. What is more contentious however is that Aunt Carol had already chosen J.P. Milligan as the real estate broker to handle the sale, he Amanda's high school sweetheart who returned to Pecan Hill three years ago following the end of his baseball career since having fallen into taking over the family business, and the two who had a less than smooth break-up. Amanda and J.P. end up butting heads in the process of the sale, Amanda and Carol who specifically want to sell it to someone who would retain it as a working family farm rather than use it as a property development. If they allow themselves to open up, Amanda and J.P., in truly wanting the same thing for the farm, could both admit to themselves that a romantic spark still exists. Beyond the issue of their respective current living and work situations, a second chance for Amanda and J.P. could be affected by what happens with the farm. —Huggo
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