Cheerleader Nightmare (2018)

Melissa Ponzio,John-Paul Howard,Jeremy Shada
After winning a football match, Sophie and Mikey-his best friend-go to a park to get some shots with a drone, while her boyfriend Tyler goes to celebrate with his friends. Once at the park, Mikey directs the drone to Leah's house-cheerleader captain- who is throwing a pool party. They see Tyler and Leah kissing each other and then both go into her house, alone. Moments after, they make the drone return, and they leave the park. That night, she sees again the video, printing the kiss and keeping in into a file on her desk.The next morning, while watching the news, both Sophie and her mother learn that Leah's body has been found. Even if details are still unknown, people thinks that she has been murder. Later in the morning in Leah's commemoration Tyler and Mikey have a discussion, the first ask the second where he were last night and in a threatening tone he promises him that he will find out what happened. Then he leaves with his friend, Ryan.In the cheerleader practice, Reeva, the new captain, is bullying her teammates. At this moment Tyler encounters Sophie while jogging, and she confronts him about the cheating, but before telling him something he confesses everything, so she forgives him. Nevertheless, he denies having to do something with her death. Because his father is in prison, he does not want to go to the police, fearing that they would do anything to pin the crime on him or that someone could frame him. After telling her that he loves her and kissing each other, they both decide to go deeper and find out who the killer is.Later, while Sophie and Mikey talk about who could have been the murder and that probably is one of them, Sophie's mother-cheerleader coach-and Parker-football coach-find a doll hanging on Leah's locker with the message: "Your days are numbered." At that moment, Sophie is secretly taking pictures of the cheerleader, and she sees that Reeva has an ankle bracelet who belonged to Leah. Sophie follows Reeva to the locker room and while she is not there she enters and starts looking for clues, but before she even starts someone pushes her violently against the lockers, and she gets a noise bleed. When she comes back of checking her noise in the mirror, her pictures have been stolen and Reeva enters the room and tells her she better be careful because her mother can not always protect her, after adding "Your noise is bleeding" she leaves the room.Once at her house, Sophie checks her social media and sees a video titled "Her days are numbered" on it, Reeva says that she can do better than Leah and that she must be replaced. Then Tyler arrives and asks her how is it going with the investigation, and she tells him about Reeva and her desire of replacing Reeva, to what he agrees, and he tells her that he will talk with her friends. When they start to kissing, her mother arrives, and he goes away. Later, Sophie and Mikey start to get inside the account of Reeva and seeing videos. They see a video of her being a bully to her teammates. While Sophie thinks about the possibility of her being the murder, Mikey thinks that she is just being a bully. Then, he shows her a picture before the party and sees Tyler kissing Leah. At that precise moment someone shows up with a hood looking out the window and once Sophie is not there this person enters the room hits Mikey with the drone's case-leaving him unconscious-and steal the memory card and the drone.Later that night in a park, Sophie confronts Tyler about the new evidence of him cheating on her. He begs her for forgiveness, but this time she can not forgive him, so it is implied that they broke up. When she communicates the new to her mother, Sophia finally tells her everything about the cheating and the video of the party where Tyler leaves with Leah. Then her mother decides to give all the evidence to the police, but when they arrive to their house, Sophia's room has been searched and the evidence stolen. Moments later, coach Parker shows up at the door while police sirens sound in the distance. He speaks to Paula-Sophie's mother-about the fact of doing something for protecting the kids. They have been having these discussions throughout the previous days, but he was not convinced until now.The next day, Mikey comes home from the hospital, and they talk about the stealing of the memory cards and how the killer is covering his tracks. Mikey gets to download from the cloud the footage of the party, and they see Reeva having a fight and pushing Ryan and then leaving very upset. Later that morning, Sophia confronts Reeva with the pictures. She finally confesses that the doll was a prank made by her to Leah, but she did not kill her, although Ryan, her boyfriend, may know something because he gets shady each time she asks him about the murder. Sophia starts following around Tyler and Ryan. She hears Ryan telling Tyler that he needs to say something, while Tyler asks for his silence. At that moment, Sophia has to run away because they hear something, and they get out of the house. While she runs home, Tyler and Ryan starts following her with an identical drone to the one that someone stole from her and Mikey, and they record her printing pictures and evidences and trying to guess what could have happened.Later that night, Tyler arrives to Sophie's home while Mikey is receiving a message with a link to the most recent drone videos. He sees the video of Sophie made by Ryan and Tyler and their faces as they direct the drone. He tries to call Sophie, but she left her phone in the kitchen. Her mother is there and finally sees the video, while Tyler and Ryan are in the car following Sophie, Tyler confesses the crime and talks about an alibi with Ryan. When Paula looks to the stairs in front of her, he sees Tyler looking at her. When she confronts him, he runs to Sophie, who is hearing everything at the top of the stairs, and hold her hostage. Finally, through a flashback, everything is revealed; Leah and Tyler go into her home and star having a discussion. When she wants to quit because he is with Sophie, he continues to make advances on her at the top of the stairs. It is not until she calls him looser and tells him that he is going to end like his father, rotten in prison, that the discussion did not turn out a little louder. When she finally says to him that she can not wait to say all of that to Sophie, he pushes her down the stairs. Back in the present, Sophie slip away from Tyler, who takes a knife and follow her, but her hidden mother hits him with a pan.Later, seeing the new on her phone, Sophie read that Tyler has been sentenced to thirty years in prison for the murder of Leah. Mikey arrives to home to give her a ride to high school since he has a license now. So they part together and after mother and daughter kisses and say I love you they take the car freed from Tyler relationship.
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