Nurses Do It Better (2018)

Despina Mirou
Based on a True Story in the United States Health Care System: Suddenly in the grip of a physical attack, John doubles over in pain and forcefully vomits in a hospital Emergency Room. Not his first trip to the ER, John's treated like the junkie he might be as he seeks specific narcotics that have helped him in his past. A nurse accuses him of having Ebola and quarantines him. John passes out and wakes up; he's had surgery, and now there's crippling complications that will follow him to hundreds of Emergency Rooms in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Reno, and across the United States. John's heart rate skyrockets, he can't sleep for 3 days straight; which leaves him with a high anxiety disorder and a heart condition that has him sweating uncontrollably, living dehydrated, and often unable to eat. It's sexy and compassionate nurses that get John through the years of medical torture that malicious surgeons and ignorant ER doctors stab at this patient as routinely as a sharp pendulum swings back and forth. The sexy Nurse Esmeralda cares for John and obtains the narcotics is takes to stop his suffering. At night he's visited by a mysterious Nurse Amber that also cares for John. Through the pain, vomit, and hallucinations he can hardly tell what really happened. John faces off with Surgeon Crete that begins the terrible syndrome.After an ambulance ride with EMT's, John is in a new hospital and several ER trips later, he falls into the care of the advancing Nurse Sheri. She helps him become a writer. A surgeon, Dr. Wong Pi Li, performs another surgery. Suddenly, Wong Pi Li, is threatening John and refuses to help him deal with a disorder that the operation inflamed. Nurse Sheri faces off with Wong Pi Li. Nurse Sheri is close by his side.Now hundreds of ER trips later, he finds himself in a another hospital. A new girl who's only known name is "Furry Boots" speaks with the French-accented nurse that watches over the unconscious John. It's here that Dr. Adams that finally finds the reason that the syndrome haunted John. John pioneers the treatment of a new condition that was cracked open by John's claim for equal rights and need for treatment.Witness the real-life story of America's "two hospitals" that treat some people, but not others.
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