Killers of the Flower Moon (2023)

Lily Gladstone,Martin Scorsese,Leonardo DiCaprio,Jesse Plemons
Gray Horse, Osage County, 1920s Oklahoma. Feared by antagonistic neighbouring tribes, the Osage, the Children of the Middle Waters, dominate the area after discovering vast oil deposits on their land. But sudden wealth attracts both friends and foes. As a result, the Osage headrights, property rights given to the long-established settlers, soon become a magnet for evil. Now, suspicion, corruption, and fear consume the reservation as a spate of unsolved murders decimates the once mighty Osage Nation. After all, the steady, inexhaustible flow of oil money is a potent motive. As the unknown adversary spills the natives' warm red blood, a dark tapestry of violence, conspiracy, and death unravels. Undoubtedly, someone aches to deliver a message. How many more must suffer before the Killers of the Flower Moon pay for their heinous crimes?—Nick Riganas
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