Dilwale (2015)

Kriti Sanon,Shah Rukh Khan,Pankaj Tripathi,Boman Irani
Raj Randhir Bakshi (Shah Rukh Khan) is a garage owner, specializing in fixing luxury cars. Veer (Varun Dhawan) is his younger bro. Veer is a bit of a flirt. Veer falls in love with Ishita Dev Malik (Kriti Sanon). Raj meets Ishita and also approves of her. Anwar (Pankaj Tripathi) and Shakti (Mukesh Tiwari) are Raj's right hand men. While Sidhu (Varun Sharma) is Veer's friend. Sidhu is stealing car parts from Raj's garage to sell to Oscar Bhai (Sanjay Mishra). He is using the money to date his girlfriend Jenny (Chetna Pande), who (unknown to Sidhu) is Oscar Bhai's sister.Veer resists King's (Boman Irani) selling drugs in local hang out joints. In return, he is brutally beaten up by King's goons. Raj, Anwar & Shakti beat up King's men and set fire to his entire cache of drugs. Raj gives his name as Kaali, before exiting the scene. But Raj acts very calm, almost coward, in his garage owner life. This fools King, who accepts Raj as his friend.In flashback it is revealed that 15 yrs ago in Bulgaria, there were 2 rival crime families. Dev Malik (Kabir Bedi) and Randhir Bakshi (Vinod Khanna) are the 2 rival bosses. Raj is Randhir's son. Raj meets & falls in love with Meera Dev Malik (Kajol), without realizing that she is Dev's daughter. Raj reveals some business secrets to Meera, which she uses ruthlessly to stop Raj's business deals. Raj is devastated to know that Meera is Dev's daughter. Despite all this, Raj saves Meera's life in a road accident & tells her not to see him again. But Meera now falls in love with Raj & convinces him of it. They get together & decide to tell their respective fathers. Raj is worried that Dev might not trust his intentions. Meera tells Raj that she will shoot him, if he betrays her.Randhir gives his blessing to Raj & Meera. But Dev, while agreeing with Meera, plans an ambush for Randhir & Raj, when Meera is away. In the ensuing shootout, Dev & Randhir kill each other. Meera believes that Raj has betrayed her. Meera shoots Raj, believing that he shot Dev (in reality Randhir had shot Dev). Raj survives, but by then Meera had left the country.In the present day, Ishita & Veer approach Raj for his blessings, which he gives. He wants to meet Ishita's parents & realizes that Meera is Ishita's elder sister. Meera absolutely refuses to accept Ishita's relationship with Veer. Veer & Ishita cant figure out the exact story of their past, but figure that Raj & Meera used to have the hots for each other. The decide to rekindle this relationship for the sake of their own. In the middle of all this Sidhu steals King's car & hides it inside the garage (Veer knows about this). The car again had King's drugs in it, Which Veer decides to burn. King's men decide to sell drugs via Meer'a restaurant. When she resists, they man-handle her. Raj steps in & again beats King's men up.Veer modifies King's car & Sidhu sells it to Oscar. Oscar finally finds that Sidhu is Jenny's boyfriend. He is opposed to their relationship, when Raj steps in and says that theirs is a respectable family & Oscar is lucky to find a boy like Sidhu, whom he considers his own brother.Meera forbids Ishita to meet Veer, & Ishita agrees, but says that she will never marry anyone else. Meera tries to drive a wedge between Veer & Raj, by telling Veer that Raj is his step brother. Raj confronts Meera and convinces her that he never shot her father dead. Meera gets her own confirmation of this from one of her dad's henchmen, who says that he did not tell the truth earlier as Dev Malik had told him not to.Meera agrees to Veer & Ishita's wedding & also subtly professes her love for Raj. Meanwhile at Sidhu & Jenny's wedding, King recognizes his modified car. King starts beating up Veer when he realizes that his drugs have been destroyed. Raj intervenes & defeats King, But King shoots & Meera steps in to take the bullet. King is arrested, & Meera survives.
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