3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost (2023)

Madeleine Arthur,Julie Gonzalo,Chris McNally,Pauline Egan
One week after receiving her license, Anna Vazquez moves onto her next career as a real estate agent - not her dream job - at the family firm in Seaside, NJ working under her controlling father, Garrett Vazquez. This move is due to the failure of her historical renovation business with her ex-fiancé, Elliot Barnes. That failure was in large part a failure of their personal relationship, Elliot in the process of moving to Boston to restart his life working for his brother's contracting company. To show his faith in her as the heir apparent to the company, which doesn't sit well with his longtime senior agent Terrence McKain who always saw himself as the heir apparent, Garrett assigns as her first listing the Baker property, a century old manor that has never yet left the family but at its age which is largely seen as a tear-down. Despite Anna loving the once grand property, she feels the need for a quick win to get her life back on track in selling to anyone, even if they want to tear it down. Competitive Terrence doesn't mind Anna getting this listing as it is largely seen as being jinxed. Anna and Anna alone quickly learns that the jinx is actually a ghost, former socialite heiress Ruby Baker, who died one hundred years ago at age twenty-five in a car accident. Anna learns directly from Ruby that Anna is the first person who has ever been able to see her in one hundred years and that she doesn't know why she is unable to leave the house to pass over into wherever her final resting place. Anna and Ruby have an initially antagonistic relationship in having incompatible priorities, that is until they come to the realization in their largely parallel lives that Anna is probably the first person ever to see her in her current state due to they needing to help the other reach their destiny. Ruby had a forbidden love with her chauffeur, Charlie Ward, his fate which she has never discovered after her passing. As such, Ruby feels that to reach her destiny hopefully with Charlie, she has to help Anna reach her own destiny with Elliot, who Anna is able to admit, at least to Ruby, that she still loves.—Huggo
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