Ketika Berhenti di Sini (2023)

Dita, a graphic designer with high idealism and a fear of failure, is introduced to Ed, an architect. Their initial meeting is marked by misunderstanding, but it leads to a warm conversation. Two similar yet different individuals come together. Four years after their first encounter, Dita feels that their relationship has stagnated. Unbeknownst to her, she has always demanded that Ed be what she wants him to be. However, Ed eventually has an accident and passes away. Dita is devastated and plagued by guilt. Two years later, Dita tries to forget everything about Ed and embarks on a new life with Ifan, her childhood friend turned lover. Shortly thereafter, Dita unexpectedly acquires a pair of "LOOK" glasses with Augmented Reality (AR) technology that can project Ed's likeness, exactly as he was in real life. Will Dita accept Ed's presence once again or stay with Ifan?
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  • Umay Shahab Director:
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