Textuality (2011)

Carly Pope,Kristen Hager,Eric McCormack,Jason Lewis
Breslin Kennedy, a financial advisor, has been, according to his trust fund living best friend Michael, an "emotional zombie" since his then fiancée, Erin, left him at the altar six months ago via text message. In his emotional distress, Breslin is close to being fired for not meeting his clients' needs. Also as a response to Erin, Breslin has embarked on three concurrent casual sexual relationships, each of the women believing that they are exclusive. Simone James, a full time blogger about any issue that strikes her fancy and part time artist which she does solely for herself, is also in three what she considers casual sexual relationships, the difference from Breslin's situation being that all of her casual sexual partners are aware of the others in her life. The three too are in a response, for her to the fact that she loves only one, the one she can't have full time, he being the fourth, married craft brewer Clive Roberts. Breslin and Simone literally meet by accident. While Breslin initially sees Simone as a possible fourth in he being attracted to her response to their less than ideal way of meeting, Simone, while initially rebuffing Breslin's advances, can't help but see in him a friend. Some within this grouping, including Breslin and Simone, see that their current lives aren't working and decide on a reset, the questions being whether those resets specifically for Breslin and Simone mesh with each other, and even if they do if they can overcome the issue of the other's most recent sexual/romantic history.
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