Lift (2024)

Gugu Mbatha-Raw,Vincent D'Onofrio,Paul Anderson,Kevin Hart
Cyrus (Kevin Hart), a renowned international thief, leads a heist crew that consists of Denton (Vincent D'Onofrio), pilot Camila (Ursula Corbero), hacker Mi-Sun (Kim Yoon-Ji), safe-cracker Magnus (Billy Magnussen), and engineer Luke (Viveik Kalra). They undertake two simultaneous thefts, stealing a Van Gogh painting in London while staging the fake kidnapping of renowned NFT artist N8 (Jacob Batalon) in Venice. N8 was in Venice to auction a single edition NFT. The NFT by N8 is made by a self portrait mask comprising of 482 cameras. This mask will create the NFT, with a live 30-second feed from the auction itself. Once complete, the NFT will have captured the moment of its sale, which will include the buyer.The team staged a kidnapping for N8 and Cyrus points out that famous paintings rapidly increase in value after being stolen and he says that his crew stole the Van Gogh painting and sold it in the black market for $20 million to buy N8 NFTs. After being "kidnapped", N8's NFT ballooned in value to $89 million. N8 decides to celebrate with the team after being promised a cut of the money ($27 million).Interpol agent Abby Gladwell (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), a former fling of Cyrus, uncovers evidence implicating Denton, in the theft and arrests him. Denton was seen at the auction and Abby correctly deduced that his limp was a fake. Abby charges Denton with fraud since he participated in the auction and made a bid of more than $10 million, and he didn't have the funds to cover it. So that makes him eligible for extradition to the US. Rather than proceed with charges against the crew, Abby's superior, Commander Huxley (Sam Worthington), leverages their legal predicament to force them to help capture billionaire Lars Jorgenson (Jean Reno), who intends to make more money by working with the hacking group Leviathan to stage a massive flooding in Europe, allowing him to make billions in profit through stock manipulation. Lars was responsible for making millions by shorting airlines stock, after the crash of a New Zealand plane that killed 189 people. Now Huxley has a mole in Lars's organization named Arthur Tigue.As Leviathan requires payment of $500 million in untraceable gold bullion, Jorgenson has arranged for a shipment of gold to be taken from his vault in London and flown to Leviathan's bank in Zurich via a commercial airliner. Huxley cannot intercept the gold as it is a legal transaction. Huxley wants Cyrus and his crew to intercept this gold payment to Leviathan. Cyrus knows that Lars is a dangerous man and not to be trifled with, but Abby lures him in with an offer of full immunity for him and his entire crew, As part of the deal, Cyrus insists Abby join the team to provide certain cover for Interpol. Cyrus argues that with Abby on the team Interpol will not hang the team out to dry if things do not go as per plan.The gold weighs ten tons and will be delivered to Heathrow airport under armored cover. It will be loaded onto a Sky Suisse A-380 passenger plane to Zurich. The crew determines they will only be able to steal the gold while the airliner is in mid-air. To do so, they procure a private jet from a rich private art collector named Molsen that Camila will fly directly underneath the airliner, allowing Mi-Sun to switch the radar signals to make it seem like the plane is still on course while the crew diverts it to a private airfield. Mi-Sun says that the chances of turning on the signal Jammer on the A-380 and the transponder on the private jet (to mimic the A-380's signal) are next to zero. Out of UK airspace, Brussels ATC will be tracking the flight, and Abby has a contact there who will help them. Harry agrees to help Cyrus against a payment of a million dollars.In exchange for loaning his private jet, Cyrus promises Molsen to persuade N8 to make a special NFT art for him. After Magnus cracks the safe and Jorgenson's henchmen are incapacitated, the crew will extract the gold from the A-380 once it lands in the Swiss Alps.Their timing is complicated when Jorgenson executes a mole Arthur Tigue (Jess Liaudin) in his organization and moves up the delivery date. Nevertheless, the crew is ready on time. The crew takes their position on the A-380 on the day the gold is being transferred, but Luke pulls out of the heist at the last minute.Cyrus and his team successfully divert the plane. Camila pilots the Molsen jet under the A-380, Abby assembles and turns on the signal Jammer on the A-380, while Camila turns on the transponder to mimic the A-380 signal. Harry then calls the A-380 pilots and diverts them to Cortina due to heavy weather in Zurich. Camila puts the transponder on a drone headed to Zurich and follows the A-380 to Cortina.Jorgenson's henchmen (including Cormac (Burn Gorman) & Donal (Paul Anderson)) attempt a hijack, resulting in the plane crash landing at Cortina, followed by Camila landing the Molsen jet at the airport. Magnus, Abby, Cyrus, and Camila are captured. Magnus escapes on the ground, while the remaining three are taken aboard the Molsen jet with the gold, headed for Jorgenson's estate in Tuscany. Desperate for the gold to not reach Jorgenson, Huxley orders the plane shot down by NATO. Harry (David Proud), the crew's contact at air traffic control, works with Camila (who was piloting the Molsen jet) to get a message to the NATO fighter pilots that there are hostages on board the A-380, forcing them to stand down. Another fight between the crew and Jorgenson's henchmen results in the jet crash landing on the grounds of Jorgenson's villa.Abby, Cyrus, and Camila are captured at gunpoint by Jorgenson, who also executes Leviathan's representative after they decide to cancel the deal. The Carabinieri arrive, and Cyrus uses N8's NFT technology to show them a recording of Jorgenson murdering the representative. Jorgenson is arrested, while Abby punches Huxley upon learning he authorized the NATO jets. She resigns from Interpol and joins Cyrus.Weeks later, Cyrus reveals to Abby that the crew stole the gold shipment during the heist on the airliner, replacing the actual shipment with iron bars painted to look like gold. The real gold shipment was parachuted out of the A-380 into the Swiss Alps while it was approaching the Cortina landing strip. Luke was never out; he guided the parachute to a recoverable spot in the mountains via remote control. Together, the crew recover their gold haul and celebrate their success while Cyrus and Abby kindle their relationship.
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