Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Til Death Do Us Part (2021)

Lexa Doig,Candace Cameron Bure,Marilu Henner,Niall Matter
It's days before Ro and Nick's wedding, the first time Ro will have seen her father, financial advisor Charles Teagarden, in some time, he who she's always idolized. His return brings up the issue of Ro's own future, as she saw her parents' marriage as perfect only to return home from college to discover their split, Aida who has rarely talked about it, and Charles to who she's never spoken about it, leading to the question of what chance she and Nick have as wife and husband. While in town, Charles, with Aida by his side, will catch up with who were his closest group of friends, his poker buddies, Dennis Shankel, Ted Cranford, and Bernard Poole, and where applicable their significant others. Aida gets sidetracked when human remains are found encased in the concrete of an industrial factory building owned by one of her clients. Ro, despite all to do with the wedding, gets swept along upon news that the victim was murdered. Arthur, leading the investigation and using the latest forensic technology which indicates among other things that the murder took place twenty-four years ago when the building was under construction, eventually identifies the victim as Sam Woods who was assumed at the time to have left town permanently in not liking Lawrenceton. Stories surface of Sam's connection to Charles and the others in the poker group, specifically Ted and Bernard, the latter who owned the crime site property when the factory was being constructed. While it affects their wedding, Ro and Nick place as much effort on the murder investigation as evidence points to one or a collective of the poker group, including Charles, as possibly having committed the murder.—Huggo
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