Shehzada (2023)

Kriti Sanon,Kartik Aaryan,Ankur Rathee
St Vincent Hospital two baby boys are born at the same time one to wealthy Jindal (Randeep Nanda) family and other to their clerk Valmiki.But Valmiki swipes the babies so that his son could have a rich lifestyle and the only person knowing is the hospital nurse.The nurse goes in coma after falling from hospital building while having scuffle with Valmiki. 25 years later Bantu son of Valmiki born to Nanda is a very talented boy but always humiliated by Valimki and prohibits him from entering Jindal mansion.While Nanda's son Raj born to Valmiki studies in US and is fit for nothing.Bantu meets Samara his boss and both fall in love but she is engaged to Raj when they both decide to speak about it to Nanda he is attacked by business rival Sarang and left to die.Bantu and Samaara take Nanda to hospital where the nurse whose out of coma recognizes Nanda and discloses the truth to Bantu.Bantu scolds Valimiki and plans to enter Jindal mansion to unite with his biological family.—[email protected]
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