Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010)

Michael Sheen,Lucy Liu,Pamela Adlon,Mae Whitman
Tinker Bell and her friends attend a summer fairy camp on the mainland. Out of curiosity, Tink goes to visit the nearby human house followed by Vidia. At the same moment, Dr. Griffiths and his daughter Elizabeth "Lizzy" arrive at the house, their summer home. Lizzy leaves out a hand-made fairy house, which Tink is fascinated by and enters, despite Vidia's constant warnings; annoyed, Vidia slams the door shut, accidentally jamming it. When Lizzy returns, Vidia tries to free Tink to no avail, resulting in Lizzy discovering Tink and taking her home. Lizzy attempts to show Tink to her father, but he was too busy. Seeing all the butterflies he has pinned on display for research, Lizzy decides to keep Tink a secret.In her room, Lizzy reveals her love for fairies to Tinker Bell. Flattered by Lizzy's fascination, Tink decides to teach her about fairies; Lizzy records all the information in a blank field journal given to her by her father. As the rain dies down, the two say goodbye; Tink prepares to leave, while Lizzy runs downstairs to show her father her research. But Tink sees that Lizzy's father is too busy dealing with many leaks in the ceiling to pay attention. Tink spends the night fixing the leaks so Dr. Griffiths can spend more time with his daughter. When she finishes, she releases a captive butterfly that, unknown to her, Dr. Griffiths had intended to show to a museum committee in London.Meanwhile, Vidia rallies Rosetta, Iridessa, Fawn, Silvermist, Clank and Bobble to rescue Tinker Bell. Due to their inability to fly in the rain, the group build a boat to sail to the house. Despite smooth sailing at first, the boat encounters a waterfall and crashes, forcing the party to proceed on foot. On the way, Vidia confesses that it was her fault that Tink was captured, but they forgive her and tell her it would have been worse if she had not been there at all.The next morning, Lizzy is excited to hear that the leaks have stopped. She runs down to show her father her research but instead, he blames her for the missing butterfly and sends her to her room when she refuses to confess. To cheer her up, Tink teaches Lizzy to fly with pixie dust, but the commotion brings her father upstairs. Dr. Griffiths sternly demands the truth and Lizzy confesses in tears about Tink, but Dr. Griffiths still refuses to believe in fairies. Infuriated, Tink bursts out of her hiding place and lashes out at Lizzy's father, much to his astonishment.At the same moment, the rescue party arrives at the house. While the rest of them distract Lizzy's cat, Vidia climbs upstairs to find Tinker Bell. Seeing Dr. Griffiths about to capture her, Vidia quickly bumps Tink out of the way and gets caught instead. Ignoring Lizzy's pleas, her father unknowingly takes Vidia and drives to London to show his discovery to the museum committee. Lizzy, with the help of Tink and the other fairies, takes flight and chases her father to London.Flying ahead, Tinker Bell tampers with the car's engine, causing it to stop and allowing Lizzy to catch up. Lizzy pleads with her father not to take Vidia and Dr. Griffiths finally listens to his daughter, apologizing for not believing her. Lizzy and the fairies teach her father to fly and they all return home. The next day, Lizzy and her father have a picnic with the fairies outside the fairy camp tree, reading Lizzy's field journal.
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