Lady of the Manor (2021)

Melanie Lynskey,Ryan Phillippe,Judy Greer,Justin Long
In Savannah, a woman named Hannah is irresponsible and after getting arrested and being dumped by her boyfriend. Finds herself with no place to go. She meets Tanner Wadsworth whose family home is a tourist attraction because it's over 100 years old. Tanner's also irresponsible and hires Hannah to be the tour guide for his family's home. And eventually Hannah is approached by lady Wadswoorththe owner of the manor who died in 1875. She tells Hannah , the Wadsworths are not suppose to own the manor. She wanted it to go to a woman who worked for her whose descendants work for the Wadsworths. Hannah and Lady Wadsworth set out to prove that the Wadsworth family stole the manor. So Hannah asks a teacher to help her. —[email protected]
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  • 21 Sep 2021 DVD Release:
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