Kabzaa (2023)

Sudeep,Shriya Saran
Due to rise of gang war in underworld government calls a ruthless cop Bhargava Bakshi to handle the situation.Bhargava calls all the gangsters in a group and feels they are just nothing and narrates the story of underworld gang he faced.In 1945 a freedom fighter Aamreshwara is killed by British government after his on people betray him his wife Tulsi looses all fortunes and shifts to Amarapura with her sons Arkshwara and Sankeshwara where they make living by selling flags.The region is involved in gang wars between underworld members like Khalid,Malik and Bhageera the Cheif Minsiter Ghanshyam Pandey learns that a rich Veer Bahadur is contesting for elections he teams with Khalid and his son Sartaj to create chaos in city.While Sankeshwara lives with his mother in city Arkeshwara has joined air force an is on vacation to meet his family and his lover Madhumati whose daughter of Veer Bahadur.Sankeshwara kills Sartaj for killing and elderly lady later Khalid beheads Sankeshwara.Arkeshwara decides to revenge his brothers death and kills a police officer involved, where Khalid sends a gangster Bali to kill him in jail. Arkeshwara kills Bali and Veer Bahadur sees this as an opportunity and bails him out to get rid of Khalid.After killing Khalid,Arkeshwara becomes one of the most powerful and dreaded gangster.—[email protected]
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