Wish (2023)

Evan Peters,Chris Pine,Alan Tudyk,Ariana DeBose
Many years ago, the Kingdom of Rosas was founded by King Magnifico and his wife Queen Amaya on an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Having studied magic and sorcery, Magnifico gained the ability to grant the wishes of his subjects. When each resident turns 18, a ceremony is held where they give up their wish to Magnifico, who keeps them sealed in his observatory. Once a month, Magnifico selects one of the residents' wishes to be granted before the city.In the present day, 17-year-old Asha prepares to interview for the role of Magnifico's apprentice, along with her pet goat Valentino. It is her grandfather Sabino's 100th birthday, and Asha hopes Magnifico will grant his wish in commemoration. Her best friend Dahlia, who runs the castle bakery alongside their six friends Simon, Gabo, Bazeema, Safi, Dario, and Hal, advises Asha to be honest about her weaknesses. The interview initially goes well, with Magnifico and Asha expressing a shared desire to protect the wishes of Rosas. However, when Asha requests for Sabino's wish to be granted, Magnifico refuses. A heated argument ensues, and it is revealed that Magnifico erases the memories of the citizens' wishes when they are made, and never returns the ungranted wishes to their owners. In doing so, the populace is rendered docile and free of aspirations, and thus dependent on Magnifico.At the wish-granting ceremony that evening, Magnifico makes a point of not granting Sabino's wish, and dismisses Asha as his apprentice. Asha tries to tell her family the truth about Magnifico, but they do not believe her. Frustrated and out of options, Asha wishes to the heavens, and a ball of light drops from the sky, which is revealed to be a physical manifestation of the star she wished on. Unbeknownst to her, Magnifico observes Star's arrival and interprets it as a threat to Rosas. Against his wife's wishes, Magnifico searches his collection of ancient spell books for a way to counter Star's power.Meanwhile, Star's magic brings the forest to life, giving voices to the animals and the plants, as well as Valentino. They explain to Asha that all living things come from stardust. Asha, Valentino and Star embark on a mission to recover Sabino's wish, breaking into Magnifico's study with help from Dahlia. Magnifico puts a bounty on information relating to Star, but at a public appearance, the residents of Rosas begin questioning his rule for the first time. Agitated, Magnifico turns to dark magic to keep his power over Rosas.Asha returns Sabino's wish, and he is overjoyed to have his memories back. However, Magnifico bursts into the family's home, having been informed by a mole that Asha was responsible for Star's arrival. He crushes her mother Sakina's wish as punishment, causing Sakina to be overcome with grief. Star tries to defend her, but is spotted by Magnifico, who vows to capture him. Asha and her family flee with Star; Sabino and Sakina are sent to a neighboring island for safety while Asha returns to the city in pursuit of the other wishes. Magnifico reveals that Simon is the mole who exposed Asha and grants his wish of being a knight, turning him into his pawn.Magnifico creates an all-powerful staff by crushing more wishes. Asha rallies her friends, and they are joined by Queen Amaya as they march on Magnifico's study. Now fully corrupted, Magnifico ascends the castle's tower and saps the power of every wish in Rosas. While the animal companions battle Simon, Asha duels Magnifico, who traps Star in his staff and blacks out the stars.Asha, remembering that all humans come from stardust, pleads the citizens of Rosas to make a wish. They do so, and the strength of their desire overpowers Magnifico, sealing him in his staff. Star is released, and the people of Rosas are now free to pursue their wishes of their own volition. Amaya later assumes control of the kingdom, while Magnifico, trapped in a mirror, is locked away in the castle's dungeon. Star then gives Asha a cloak and magic wand; Asha vows to continue Star's work and grant wishes justly.
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