Cirkus (2022)

Deepika Padukone,Pooja Hegde,Ranveer Singh,Jacqueline Fernandez
Dr Roy is working on a theory that in future non biological relations could be much bigger then blood relations he runs the Jamnadas orphanage with his brother Joy.Once two different pair of identical twins are left at the orphanage and are soon to be adopted by different families to prove his theory Dr Roy swipes the either twin with other.One pair of twins gets adopted by a couple in Ooty running a Circus another pair gets adopted by a wealthy family of Shakuntala Devi in Bangalore and both families name the twins as Roy and Joy.While Dr Roy decides to keep a track on both families so that both the twins don't cross path one of the twin of Roy is god gifted where he can pass electric current true his body while doing the same the other twin Roy faces it impact.Years later after death of his father Roy decides to run his fathers circus with Joy and use his powers to entertain people while he is married to Mala.While the other Roy lives wealthy life in Bangalore with Joy and feels the impact of electric powers often and in love with Bindu.But confusion arrives when both the twins arrive in the same city leading to confusion and comedy of errors.—[email protected]
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