All Quiet on the Western Front (2022)

Daniel Brühl,Albrecht Schuch,Felix Kammerer,Edin Hasanovic
Germany, 1917. With dreams of serving the Fatherland and Kaiser Wilhelm II, idealistic 17-year-old Paul Bäumer and his chest-thumping schoolmates enlist en masse in the Imperial German Army three years after the outbreak of World War I. And with a mind aflame with patriotic fervour instilled by their jingoistic teacher's rousing speeches, the unripe defenders fantasise about performing heroic feats as they march into battle-scarred Northern France. Instead, the chaos of trench warfare and the horrors of war await the inexperienced brothers-in-arms, who now risk life and limb for the glory of Germany. As the irrefutable certainty of death crushes the companions' romantic visions, Paul must fight tooth and nail to stay alive until the Armistice of 11 November 1918 takes effect and the guns on the Western Front fall silent. After all, war is a game for politicians and generals; for the common soldier, it is a waltz of death on the battlefield.—Nick Riganas
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