Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Anne Hathaway,Helena Bonham Carter,Amy Bailey,Johnny Depp
Facing an imminent arranged marriage to a soon-to-be English Lord, the spirited but troubled nineteen-year-old, Alice Kingsleigh, spots an unusually familiar rabbit scampering through the palatial estate's fragrant gardens. Could the well-groomed bunny be the same creature from her strange and insistent childhood dreams? The answer lies at the bottom of a deep and dark burrow--the mystical entrance to the wondrous world of Underland--where peculiar beings congregate around a never-ending tea party; a tyrannical queen uses every means possible to keep the throne she has usurped, and an unfulfilled prophecy awaits a dauntless champion. Is Alice, indeed, the ghastly Jabberwocky's fair-haired nemesis?—Nick Riganas
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