Baramnan gajok (2003)

Jeong-min Hwang,Yuh-Jung Youn
Adapted from HanCinema: A good wife, a cheating husband, a dying father ... a drama about appearances, routines and the perils of family life. Hojung (Moon Sori) is a former dancer now settled down to taking care of her precocious 7 year old adopted son Sooin and her alcoholic father-in-law who refuses to stop drinking. Her husband Youngjak (Hwang Jungmin), however, is hardly home, too busy with his law practice, drinking, and seeing his young mistress, Yeon, a former model. His law practice includes defending bereaved family members of civilian massacres committed during the Korean War - but it seems that despite his status and privilege - his private life is going to run him aground. Hojung stays youthful and fit by practicing dance at the local school and bicycling while running her errands. She mostly accepts Youngjak's infidelity but she is getting more and more sexually frustrated. When a teenage boy living next door becomes infatuated with Hojung, she is at first curious but then drawn to his attentions.Then circumstances unfold with both Hojung and Youngjak's infidelities, as Youngjak's father comes close to death, and their intersections with strangers and with each other lead the things that are most important to them to be imperiled - and the family is never the same...
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