Paycheck (2003)

Ben Affleck,Michael C. Hall,Paul Giamatti,Ivana Milicevic
Jennings is an engineer who works for a company that uses their rivals' technology, alters it slightly, and has his memory wiped after each job. James Rethrick offers him a job and tells him that the job will take three years and afterwards his mind will be wiped. Against his friend Shorty's advice, Jennings takes the job. When his mind is wiped, he heads to the bank to collect his multimillion paycheck--and discovers that during the erased years, he signed away the money and exchanged it for a group of 19 seemingly-worthless items. This film follows his efforts to uncover the secret of just what he was working on and what the items are for, to evade arrest, and to explore his relationship with Rachel Porter (Thurman), a bioscientist, who is a vital part of triggering what is left of the scraps of memory he retains.—anonymous
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