Python (2000)

Wil Wheaton,Jenny McCarthy,Robert Englund,Ed Lauter
The quiet little town of Ruby is surprised to find a SNAKE int its midst! As a befuddled team of government bad guys attempts to recapture the genetically enhanced SNAKE, a bunch of irrelevant side plots occur in the town: including, an ex who sleeps with a bunch of dudes, Wesley Crusher with pink hair is trying to score some random, and a cop and some dude who likes bikes get into a fight on a playground. These people (minus Wesley Crusher who is poorly eaten by a CGI SNAKE) conspire to save the day by dipping the snake in acid, (Which is conveniently located at the shop where the dude who fights the cop works, or used to work). The SNAKE is awesome. It eats people. Everyone with any kind of relevance dies and we are lead to believe that there might be a sequel.HILARIOUS
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