Sorceress (1995)

Linda Blair,Michael Parks,Edward Albert,William Marshall
When the lawyer Howard is promoted to Vice-President of a prominent law firm where he works, the wife of his colleague Larry, who was disputing the position with Howard, puts a spell on him and he has a car accident. Erica (Julie Strain) is a seductive and powerful witch that took Larry from his beloved colleague Carol, using another spell. Larry and Erica have an argument and Erica fall off the balcony of their house and dies. Meanwhile Howard becomes crippled and informs his wife Amelia and his boss that Larry should be promoted since he would not work again. The grieving Larry decides to rebuild his life and gets rid of Maria that worked with Erica and taught her the spells and gets close to Carol. However, weird things happen with him n his house.—Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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