Christina (1984)

Jewel Shepard
Christina Von Belle (Jewel Shepard), nicknamed The Playgirl Of The Western World, is a young, dark blonde with a 34-23-34 figure and husky voice, an adventurer and heiress of a large fortune. She drives dangerously a sports car, in a hide and seek game with a young man driver, Patrick (Ian Serra) with whom she finally meets, dazed but parked by the road side, in a meandering mountain road in south France. They share the passion for driving sports cars, and sex.They go to his place, a mountain resort, to spend a swinging evening with a similarly liberal minded couple: Brigitte Reynaud (Carole James) and Max (Tony Isbert).Before going to bed, Christina is taking a bath in the marbled walls bathroom. Christina is already nude when she is attacked from behind by a tall person dressed in a black leather catsuit and black hood, who muffles her screams with one hand, while with the other proceeds to physically pull Christina up and out of the bathtub by arm strength. Christina starts debating in the constricting reverse bear-hug, head butts the attacker, gets free, and delivers an uppercut to the head - but misses. Christina's screams are stopped again with a low punch to her midriff, and she's put in an arm lock. The attacker marches Christina forcefully to the adjoining bedroom. Christina's yelps have attracted the attention of her holiday companions.She calls out, «Patrick, help!» Her lover Patrick comes in a hurry, in and black trousers, with their swinging companions, Brigitte in jeans short shorts and low-cut top, and Max, in blue jeans and a white shirt, and the butler Jean [John in the English version] (Emiliano Redondo), all afraid to interfere because the attacker is controlling Christina with a knife to her throat.Christina acts quickly, stomping with her naked foot on the attacker's black plimsoll, causing enough pain to get free. Christina darts to the large bed and sits there looking, as the two young men attack at once the abductor, disarming him. Once unmasked, it is revealed that the abductor is a blonde woman.«Who are you, what do you want?» asks Patrick. «Who are you?» Jean has produced a piece of cord to tie up the intruder. Patrick asks the butler, «Won't you give me the knife?» Jean looks for the discarded knife, and handles it to Patrick. Christina has found her wits, and comes forward, already dressed in a large red bathrobe. «Wait! You guys don't have to be polite! You have to ask nicely...» Christina pulls down the zipper of the abductor's catsuit. «Now my friend, I'm sorry we weren't formally introduced. (Opening wide the pans of the catsuit top, and exposing the breasts.) Let's cut the shit, shall we? I don't you to think that I'm after revenge. (Putting the flick-blade's tip to the girl's inside right breast.) After all we wouldn't want to hurt the little and pretty things now, would we?»All the while the abductor has kept visual contact with Christina, and a brave face, as her arms are firmly grabbed from both sides by Patrick and Max, but now she shows fear, and speaks quickly: «I'm Emily (Anne-Marie Jensen), I'm of the 10th of November group. I'll talk if you let me go... I don't want to die! Anything else?» Christina does not answer, but steps back, apparently pleased. «You amaze me!» says Patrick, «Jean, tie her up, will you?»But Jean proves not to be very good tying a knot. As the two couples leave the bedroom, Emily bumps her buttocks on him, surprising him, and runs away, hands tied behind her back. Next, she is outrunning everybody on the balcony over the sea, hands free, and making a perfect high dive into the water - and escaping.Next morning, Christina wants to go riding alone, but Jean opposes, considering it too dangerous. She ends up to accept that he goes with her, after he promises to keep away from her that she won't notice him.She spends time riding her brown horse to the beach and along the shore. Then the horse whines, and she notices Jean on his horse on a high dune, signaling two bikers close by, to go get Christina. Christina proves to be a good amazon, but after a long chase through the dunes, a cyclist surprises her by flying the bike from the top of a dune, making her fall off the horse. When Christina stands up, she is immediately grabbed by the two female bikers, who've taken off their helmets. Jean introduces the girl to Rosa [Hilda in the English version] (adult film star Karin Schubert), the Teutonic looking platinum blonde leader of the 10th of November, a lesbian women-liberation group.The 10th of November's headquarters is situated in a discreet private island on the Spanish coast. A large mansion with classic interiors and settings, complete with medieval armory on the walls, and modern comfort. In a games room, several members of the sisterhood are training, under the supervision of a woman dressed in black: two teenagers do judo, Orange Belt versus Blue Belt; two elder Blue Belt girls also do judo, a Blonde versus a black haired girl; two little, masked girls are fencing with foils; and two teenagers in blue suits, and one girl in pink, are doing gymnastics and using an elastic table.The private helicopter lands, bringing in Christina and Rosa. They are received by two group members, two tall girls in black trousers, high heels, and see-through panther shirts - a Black and a Brunette. Rosa is escorted by two henchwomen, who walk hand in hand, dressed in the same form fitting and revealing outfits.Rosa enters the games room, and announces: «These two women shall fight now until one is victorious. The winner's prize will be the personal bodyguard of our lovely guest for one night.» Christina shows her temper again, by disengaging from the two big biker girls' grip, and shouting at Rosa: «Damn you. I'm not a prize, I'm a person!» «You've got a big mouth! You think you're superior... (She grabs the rim of Christina's white thin shirt, and rips it down, exposing a firm left breast, and erect nipple.) Underneath, you're like us! But you'll never equal us! (Shouting to the pair of fighters,) Begin!... Go on!» Meanwhile, the two fighters have taken off the knee boots with spiked heels, helped by the pair of Blue Belts. Rosa back-slaps Christina, hard. Marie (Helen Devon) a brunette with an Afro hair-style, and light-skinned black Antoinette (Josephine Jacqueline Jones, Miss Bahamas 1979) employ wrestling and judo holds and throws, Marie's panther print shirt disintegrates, leaving her practically topless, but that doesn't stop the fight. Antoinette attacks with even more energy. Marie's fingernails scratch at her opponent's bosom, and rips off the flimsy panther shirt, leaving Antoinette topless as well. A low punch, and a kick when Antoinette is down, leaves the other woman victorious.Rosa acclaims her: «Congratulations, Marie! (Pointing to Christina,) Here's your prize! It was quite a show, wasn't it?» she asks matter-of-factually from her small all female audience - that had been quite vociferous during the fight. Marie takes Christina back to her room, bathes her, talks to her sweetly, and then takes her to bed. Christina says she doesn't want to, but she has no choice, and Marie tells her, «After this you will not want a man again.». Christina silently accepts Marie's lovemaking, and her eyes take in her female companion's beauty.The next day, Antoinette, despite having been Marie's companion before, is spying the new lesbian couple of Christina and Marie on the mansion's gardens. They are in the woods, by a large tree shade and an artificial lake. Since the prize was to be used for one night only, may be she wants her share now. She comes running at them, calling out, «Hi, you!»Marie tells Antoinette to get lost, pushes her away, and further incenses her by recalling that she has won because she is the superior woman. Christina profits from the argument and when Marie punches Antoinette, she punches Marie hard in the stomach, and tries to run away. A triangular kick and punching fight takes place, and this time it's Antoinette who seems to have the upper hand.Rosa arrives on the run, escorted by a dozen of her followers, to put a stop to the argument. Antoinette tells Rosa she overheard the pair talking of an escape.Christina shouts, «That's a lie!» quite convincingly, though it's true. Marie confesses, eyes on the ground.Christina, in a voice-off narration, tells how she accepted a relationship with her new captor, Antoinette, in order to attempt a new escape. During a stroll through an olive grove, Christina punches Antoinette in the belly and starts running through the sparse woodland. Antoinette catches her easily, applies a reverse bear-hug, and laughingly throws her down with a punch. She straddles the supine girl, rips her clothes off so she can enjoy better her prey. Christina has no choice but to surrender.Christina's submission inspires Antoinette to take her for a picnic at the beach. Christina, in a white dotted blue bikini, notices a small yacht approaching the island in the horizon. She walks nonchalantly to the sea shore, then, runs into the water and starts swimming fast away from the beach. Antoinette is topless, though wearing a knife sheathed in a large belt. She gets wise to the girl's plan, and swims after her with powerful strokes. Apparently it is Christina's chance, as the small boat is coming in her direction, with three men on board, the pilot and two sailors in typical Mediterranean striped shirts, blue and white for the younger.They stop the motor, and take the girl in - which gives Antoinette the chance to reach them, and jump on board from the stem, while the men were all eyes for the brunette in the small bikini. Antoinette manages to kick down the pilot, hit down the sailor in blue striped sweater, and body tackle down the older sailor. But then, Christina bear-hugs her from behind, pulling her off the sailor, and between the two, they throw the lesbian beauty overboard - never to be seen again. The pilot and the sailor in blue are also coming out of their dizziness.They restart the motor, and the older sailor (Vicente del Águila) informs Christina that they are smugglers, and that they are taking her to Mr.Alain (Emilio Linder), for they are poor smugglers, and there is a large ransom for her, to be paid by her family.Alain proves to be a perfect Spanish gentleman with a gourmet chef who also want to collect the ransom... He treats her so well that she forgets that he is only doing that for the ransom. He takes her to a bar in town, featuring the usual flamenco music, and the not so usual topless flamenco dancer... That is followed by a romantic song by Pablo (Enrique Johnson), a very young and handsome man, who takes Christina for the next dance, also with a romantic music. Christina easily finds an ally to help her escape the gentle smuggler. When Alain notices that Christina is no longer at the bar, it's too late for him to get the pair of running away.He persists, and the runaways find a not so fast vehicle to help them cross the mountain road: a truck, driven by an old man (Emilio Fornet). Follows a not realistic stunt scene, in which - without stopping the car - Christina the wild driver takes the wheel, and the old driver gets on the truck's loading box, and between him and Pablo, they keep their pursuers at bay by throwing large cauliflowers at Alain's car windshield. The car chase ends in the midst of comic relief scenes, at the next village main square, just in front of a police station.Christina gives a kiss to a plainclothes police officer (Adriano Domínguez), calling him her savior. Christina seems to have settled with Pablo, but that's not certain - as she has a dream in which she is nude again, and someone is driving toy cars around the valley of her belly and thighs, first a truck with a trailer, then an armored car.
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