It's Magic, Charlie Brown (1981)

Sydney Penny
Charlie Brown gives Snoopy a library card, and soon after, Snoopy checks out a book on magic.Pretty soon, Snoopy decides to put on a magic show, with Sally, Marcie, and Woodstock as his assistants. Going under the name 'The Great Houndini,' Snoopy does numerous tricks, most of which end up backfiring. They include:pulling a rabbit out of a hat.penetrating a box and person with a stick.putting someone in a box, and cutting them into pieces.blindfolded and guessing what audience members have on them.levitating a person into the air.turning someone invisible.The last trick is done with Charlie Brown, but before Snoopy can make him reappear, the performance is rained out, and everyone goes home.Soon after, Charlie requests Snoopy to turn him back, but Snoopy doesn't seem to know how. Wandering the neighborhood, Charlie is surprised to see Lucy holding a football in an open field. Having some fun with his invisibility, he kicks the football out of her hand, before taunting her.Furious that Charlie seems to have put one over on her, she demands Snoopy make Charlie Brown reappear, or she'll pound him.Eventually, Snoopy finds the reversal spell, and manages to turn Charlie back, just as he attempts to kick the football out of Lucy's hands again. However, Lucy sees Charlie reappearing, and pulls it away this time.Even so, Charlie claims that he's ecstatic that he kicked the ball while he was invisible, while Lucy says no one will believe him. When Charlie claims that it's thanks to Snoopy, Lucy insults his magic powers, and Snoopy angrily levitates her above the ground, leaving her there, as Charlie and Snoopy merrily dance away to conclude a most satisfying day.In the aftermath, Linus finds Lucy levitating, and using his blanket, pulls her down.
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