Caprice (1967)

Richard Harris,Doris Day,Lisa Seagram,Michael J. Pollard
There is an on-going battle of industrial espionage between rival cosmetics companies: Femina, owned by Sir Jason Fox; and May Fortune, owned by Matthew Cutter. Caught between the two are, among others, top industrial designer Patricia Foster, who officially is on May Fortune's payroll after being fired by Femina; and Christopher White, a suave Brit who also is officially on May Fortune's payroll as Cutter's right-hand man. On the surface, Patricia is still working for Femina trying to steal the new top-secret formula for a water-repellent hairspray developed by Dr. Stuart Clancy for May Fortune--a hairspray which would make all other hairsprays obsolete; while Christopher secretly tries to stop her. Below the surface, it is unclear whether either Patricia or Christopher are working for May Fortune, Femina, or someone else. But as they progress through these surface missions, their true missions and true allegiances are eventually revealed--and they place both of them in mortal danger due to a recent story of an Interpol agent being killed in the Swiss Alps.—Huggo
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