The Valley of Silent Men (1922)

"Kent, the Tracker," a corporal in the Northwest Mounted Police, is trailing a fur thief. He is ambushed and shot, but still makes it to the nearest cabin. There, he finds his friend Jacques Radison standing over the body of John Barkley, an outlaw fur trader. Barkley has been strangled to death with a strand of woman's hair. Radison is accused of the crime. Kent, believing he only has a few days to live, confesses to the murder to save his friend. But Kent unexpectedly recovers, and is arrested by Inspector Kedsty of the Northwest Mounted Police. Marette Radison, Jacque's sister, lives in the Valley of Silent Men, so called because of the three white mountain peaks which guard the valley below. She learns of Kent's predicament, and helps him escape from jail. She hides him in the home of Kedsty; Kedsty is then shot by an unknown assailant. Marette and Kent are pursued by the authorities, and head for the Valley of Silent Men. During the treacherous journey, Marette falls from a mountain peak and is injured. Eventually the pair reach Marette's cabin, but the Mounties track them down. There, they all hear a confession from Marette's father Pierre, who admits he killed the men out of revenge for having murdered his wife years before. Kent is exonerated.—scsu1975
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